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Food Issues, with Vicki Manuel

moving the podcast – interview from June 19, 2013


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I asked my friend Vicki to be my health coach. And even now, having gone through the sessions, it’s hard for me to explain what she does. It’s a very personalized and individual process, and I imagine no two experiences are quite the same.

For me, it was coaching my thoughts more than my behaviors. Vicki helped me change my perspective, giving me a clear picture of the positives in myself and the steps I am taking.

We talk about that changed mind-set in this interview; actually, I think I mentioned it about three different times. It really is amazing to me what a great thing a little positive thinking can be.

Vicki Logo

0:00 ~ meet Vicki
6:15 ~ emotional eating & mental toxins
12:50 ~ diet push-back (don’t tell me what to do!)
17:50 ~ dealing with food habits
22:10 ~ unreasonable expectations
28:00 ~ changing your mind-set
35:30 ~ positive thinking (life is beautiful!)

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