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Fitness Coach Jeff Pitts

moving the podcast – interview from February 17, 2015


Episode 39. Jeff Pitts is a super great guy with a heart for helping others. Today he talks with us about health and fitness, his personal journey from athlete to emotional eater to fitness coach, and why his favorite word is hope.

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“Any time I communicate, whether it be in written form or in a speaking form, I want people to walk away and go, ‘That helped me.'”

0:00 ~ day jobs and side hustles
3:55 ~ Jeff’s fitness story
7:20 ~ coaching comes naturally
12:30 ~ emotional obstacles to health and fitness
17:15 ~ 1 minute videos
21:20 ~ Live With Hope

Connect with Jeff
on his website
on Twitter @pittsfitness
on Facebook Pitts Fitness

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Team Beachbody
FB group: #30 Days Fitness Accountability
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1 minute video:


Food Issues, with Vicki Manuel

moving the podcast – interview from June 19, 2013


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I asked my friend Vicki to be my health coach. And even now, having gone through the sessions, it’s hard for me to explain what she does. It’s a very personalized and individual process, and I imagine no two experiences are quite the same.

For me, it was coaching my thoughts more than my behaviors. Vicki helped me change my perspective, giving me a clear picture of the positives in myself and the steps I am taking.

We talk about that changed mind-set in this interview; actually, I think I mentioned it about three different times. It really is amazing to me what a great thing a little positive thinking can be.

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0:00 ~ meet Vicki
6:15 ~ emotional eating & mental toxins
12:50 ~ diet push-back (don’t tell me what to do!)
17:50 ~ dealing with food habits
22:10 ~ unreasonable expectations
28:00 ~ changing your mind-set
35:30 ~ positive thinking (life is beautiful!)

Connect with Vicki
on Twitter @vicki_mwhc
on Facebook
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