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The Vacationers have a Query Session

So, if you’ve been here for a while, then you might know that I do this thing I call Queries.

Ok, so they’re questions, but that doesn’t sound as cool as Query. So I ask a bunch of people a random question and then I post the answers. It’s fun to see how people think alike or different and how we can come at the same question from a lot of different angles.

But I’ve only done one this year! What’s wrong with me?

While we were on vacation, I asked my family and friends to do a query session for my podcast and they said yes. They answered a bunch of questions like “What makes a person beautiful?” and “Would you do something wrong or illegal if you knew you wouldn’t get caught?”

If you’d like to hear how that went (it was fun), click here to visit my podcast site!

My podcast: people I almost know


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  1. If I knew I wouldn’t get caught, I would totally go in and dismantle (as permanently as possible!!!) the uber-powerful sound system the high school put in a year or so ago. They use it just about every day, and they turn it up REALLY LOUD. I will have to move of course. Writing letters, making phone calls make no difference. You can tell they think it is fine to blast their idea of music for hours on end and neighbors have no right to object. I even called the police once and the officer just shrugged and said that while he agreed it was obnoxious, there wasn’t anything he could do. Even with windows all closed and the TV turned up loud I can’t escape it. And with the fancy-schmancy fields they have put in, every sport under the sun is out there practicing or having games all year long. Seriously I found myself praying for a well-placed lightening strike last night!

    September 13, 2013
  2. Boots,
    Cool podcast, your approach to each generation was slightly different, but for the most part you come through steady – just very open. It struck me that you would be great at hosting a philosophy group……in your spare time 🙂

    My megalomaniac likes the idea of zero repercussions law breaking / tossing morality aside…….all the usual Antichrist shenanigans, but then most of it has all been done before……

    September 14, 2013
    • See, what your megalomaniac needs is a combination of the zero repercussions and one of those do the whole day over deals. Reminds me of the Groundhog Day idea. Thanks for listening to the podcast! I was thinking not many people would, but that’s okay. It was really fun to do.

      September 15, 2013
      • Ever think the whole universe is on one great big groundhog day loop? Our collective sorta knows what’s coming, but goes through the motions anyway. I really liked getting a glimpse of your folks. The Michelle dynamic is revealed a bit too…….slightly off center, but well
        valued in a blurry way.

        September 16, 2013
        • Yes I do wonder about that sometimes, and if not for me personally then at least for humanity. There seems to be little if anything that we as a species hasn’t been through. Or as individual people have not experienced. But we keep going through the motions over and over, living, dying, making the same triumphs and mistakes and tragedies that have already been made before we existed.

          Anyway, yes I’d say a bit off center describes most of my family. 🙂

          September 16, 2013

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