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Movie Quote Monday – Bringing Up Baby

This is really excellent news for all of the bloggers out there (and for quite a few of the “regular” folks I know):

Dr. Fritz Lehman:  All people who behave strangely are not insane.
Susan:  Is that so?

I’ve got a feeling that somewhere out there, somebody owes me an apology.


Items of Interest:

Bonkers by yearstricken (in which she re-defines the word, but not really)

Creating a Person by Simon (in which he definitely did not lock himself out)

Stream of Consciousness: Dude, Where’s My Bag? by Pithypants (in which her mind spins faster than the luggage carousel)

Japanese Adventures: Ghosts In The Night by Christian Emmett (in which his stalkers are stone cold, but not killers)

Roadkill… by Sara no “H” (in which Oklahoma workers draw the line…no matter what)

In Which It Is My Own Darn Fault by me (in which it totally is)


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  1. That’s one of my favorite movies. You’ve got Cary Grant as a nerdy scientist and Katharine Hepburn as a space cadet. What’s not to love?

    December 5, 2011
    • Mine, too! I just love Katharine Hepburn in anything, but I especially love them both in that kind of role. Those movies leave you feeling like you had a part in their fun adventure.

      December 5, 2011
  2. It’s always been my wish to know people who held conversations as they did in these old screwball comedies.

    December 5, 2011
    • Don’cha love it! But I’d never be able to keep up without a script. Interesting that the modern film industry thinks it so necessary to dirty it up, when these clean movies are so incredibly funny and enjoyable.

      December 5, 2011
  3. This ranks right up there with my top movies. It always amazes me how many people have never heard of it. So many great lines delivered so well. Thanks for the reminder.

    December 6, 2011
    • It’s one of my favorites, too! There are so many wonderful scenes that pop in my head when I think of this movie, but I always wonder why they didn’t just pick up that piece of her skirt. Of course their exit would not have been as comical had they done so!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      December 6, 2011
  4. It’s so refreshing to watch TCM and the classic movies. It’s nice to remember that a good movie doesn’t need bathroom humor, incessant four letter words, or lots of naked boobs to be great.

    December 7, 2011
    • I had cable when AMC was new, and they had no commercials at all. That was back in the days of VCRs, and I recorded quite a few great movies off of that channel. I’ll admit that I watch and enjoy all kinds of movies, and I don’t get offended necessarily by all of the language and such. But I do find it offensive when it’s clearly just thrown in there because the writing or story is too weak to pull off the movie otherwise. I general, though, I’m getting to where I prefer a clean movie. Clearly, it can be done!

      December 7, 2011
  5. Ha ha that’s awesome!

    December 11, 2011
    • I know! As soon as I heard it, I thought, “That’s definitely one for the blog!”

      And I got to use your line painted over the dead body post!! Some things must be shared!

      December 11, 2011

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