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Year of Quotes No. 1


Happy New Year, everyone!


Movie Quote Monday – Tremors

I love this movie!  It’s fun.

Thinking and reading about resolutions has put me in mind of Earl and Val and their differing approaches to life.  It’s no secret that I fall into the Val category when it comes to how I approach things.

Val:  Let’s do the linoleum today and do the garbage tomorrow.
—Earl:  Nester’s not home tomorrow.  Now look, we don’t dig today, we don’t get paid today.  Now dammit, Valentine, you never plan ahead.  You never take the long view, I mean, here it is Monday and I’m already thinking of Wednesday.

I’m trying to be more like Earl this year, planning ahead and making the most of my opportunities and resources.  But I love the last bit, when he wonders if he’s got the day right – that’s dead on, that’s my life.  I can write all the resolutions I want; I can plan all I want.  But I still have to live within the boundaries of who I am.  The good news is that those boundaries are flexible.

I’m happy to say that on the first day of the new year, I followed through with a resolution.  Even though my natural inclination was to stay at home, I made myself go out and do.  Even though I was tired, I worked that day, I didn’t feel good, etc., etc.  The truth is, staying home would have been the easiest thing to do.  Like Val’s linoleum job, it was closer.  

But I chose to go.  I’m glad I did, because I had a great time and spent my evening with great people. Hopefully, by the end of the year, I will have stretched the boundaries of who I am a little bit further and come that much closer to resembling who I want to be.


Bonus Listen:


Week In Review: I Resolve

In the past week, I’ve thought a lot about New Year’s resolutions.  Like thesinglecell, I don’t typically spend end-of-the-year-time reviewing aspects of my life, successes and failures and all that stuff; I pretty much lament about where my life is going (or rather, its lack of direction) all throughout the year.  And I certainly don’t make New Year’s resolutions because: (a) I forget about them almost immediately, or (b) I break them even sooner than that. continue reading…