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Posts tagged ‘living in the country’

Week In Review – Flat tired and chewy wired

I’m tired this morning because I stayed up way too late last night.
First, I went on Wikipedia (I heart you Wikipedia) and read the synopsis
for every single episode 
of The Walking Dead.
You know, because I’m nuts.
Second, I read blogs and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
in an attempt to wash my brain. continue reading…

Week In Review – Darn Alarm!

I walked into a room today and a picture immediately fell off a shelf.
Yesterday and today, objects jumped right off of a shelf and broke.
It’s almost enough to make me believe in ghosts or something.
Well…yesterday it was more like I knocked something off of a shelf.
In fact, it was exactly like that.
But, still.  continue reading…

Week in Review – Holiday Spirit

I was off today and had intended to run some errands,
but I couldn’t motivate myself to leave the house.
So I did indoor chores, like laundry and dishes and…
well, nothing else.
😉 continue reading…

A different view of sunset

I’m still getting used to this whole time change thing, and it keeps coming as a surprise to me when I see the sun heading for the horizon at 4:30 or so.  Today was no exception.  

Since I was off, I had all the blinds pulled up to let in however much light we get anymore.  It was nice, because throughout the day, the sky was a pretty interesting mix of dove grey cloud and blue atmosphere, with the sun peeking out every now and then.

Late this afternoon, Louis and I were sitting in the living room.  I was working on some blog maintenance, and he was on the couch watching a movie.  Really, he was sleeping, but when you look at him, he always pretends that we was just resting his eyes for a moment.  All of a sudden, the room was lit with a bold splash of golden afternoon light.  It was bright enough and sudden enough to surprise us both, and we literally jerked our heads up and looked at one another in surprise.  Which was kind of a weird experience, seeing as he’s a dog an all. continue reading…