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It’s possible, and even likely, that you’ve never heard of the kind of tipping I mean.

This week’s podcast guest has something so important to share! And I want to get that message out to as many people as possible.

Debbie Deming is on the show to talk about furniture tipping over onto little children. She says that in the US this year, about 25,000 children go to the ER and a child will die every 9-11 days due to a tipping accident.

It’s the kind of accident that can happen in any home, to any one’s family. And so many people have never even heard of it before.

When it happened to their granddaughter, Debbie and her husband thought it was a freak accident that had never happened to anyone else. But as they mourned the loss of Amaya, they found other families who had gone through the same tragedy, and they realized that tipping happens all too often.

So they started a foundation, Safe and Sound with Amaya, to spread the word about the dangers of tipping. And along with information, they give out free furniture straps to anyone who needs them.

safe and sound icon photo

You can hear Debbie’s story on the podcast, but whether you listen or not, I just want you to be aware that this is a thing that happens. 

As I said on the show, I climb up on things that I know I have no business attempting. These little kids are just doing the same thing – trying to reach something they want. Only they don’t have the experience to understand that it’s dangerous. Until it’s too late. It’s our responsibility to keep them safe, and tipping deaths are totally preventable.

If you have kids or know anyone who has kids, please look around and see if they are as safe in their home as you think they are. A 25 pound child can pull over a 100 pound dresser just by stepping or pulling up on a single open drawer. That’s a fact that too many parents have learned in the worst possible way.

Free furniture straps are available!! Be safe now, instead of sorry later.

Debbie Icon


Listen to the podcast ~ Debbie Deming: on Furniture Tipping
Visit Safe and Sound with Amaya
Contact Debbie for free furniture straps
Consumer Product Safety Commission ~ report on tipping

Random Thoughts – That’s not weird, right?

There’s this little building near some railroad tracks I cross every day. This place is clearly a residence, but it’s just a plain, white, cinder-block building. Not very house looking at all.

I think it used to be a business. This little spot was apparently a train stop at one time, and there are two abandoned buildings next to the house, and a boarded up depot station across the street.

I want so badly to knock on the door and ask, “Can I look inside your house?”

Is that really so strange?



This is the only angle I have of the little white cinder-block house.

Random Thoughts: on mother and child

I spent the weekend with my parents, and it occurred to me that no matter how old I get I’ll always be the kid.

And my mom will always be my mom…

Me: “Hey Momma, is Louis’ bed still in here?”

Me: “Hey Momma, where’s my soda? ”

Me: “Hey Momma, is this my plate in the oven?”

On Friday night, my mom cooked the dinner, and then cleaned everything up by herself, before I was even done eating. But when I put my plate in the dishwasher…

Mom: “Thanks for doing that.”

No, thank you Mommy!


Here are some pictures:

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the Infinite Monkey speaks: on lost places

Random brilliance from across the blogosphere…


There is nothing like being confronted with the permanent loss of something you treasured to bring home things like mortality.

– melissabluefineart

Where, From Here?