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Week in Review – I am not getting sick!

As usually happens when I rant about something,
I soon do the same thing that I was complaining about.
Today, I edged off the road and into the gravel
– twice –
while fiddling around with this or that,
when I should have been concentrating on driving. continue reading…

Movie Quote Monday – Hook

As I’ve gotten older, particularly in these past few years, my greatest “did not do” regret is I did not nurture some of the most important relationships in my life.  And now it’s too late.  It’s over…and I missed it. continue reading…


A technician from the alarm company came to the store last night to fix the keypad on our back door. Which I had called in.  Which, it turns out, was not actually broken.  Apparently my brain was broken.  Is broken?  Anyway, this is what happened:

continue reading…

It doesn’t seem that long ago…


I was just watching the news and they mentioned that this is the anniversary of the space shuttle disaster – when it blew up.  I was remembering that day, 3 years ago, and that I cried.  It’s so strange to think how long ago that was.  It doesn’t seem that long ago.  Pretty soon it’ll be five years and then ten…fifteen…twenty.  Will the nation remember that day?  I will.

We are all growing so old, so fast.  Kate turned twenty on Wednesday and Margaret down the hall turned twenty today.  Christie is already twenty and soon Laurie will be, then Pam, then me.  It’s strange and sometimes scary to think of how quickly time passes now.

My parents talk of things that happened in the past, 15, 20, 25 years ago.  My mom says she can remember where she was when Kennedy was shot.  I can remember where I was when I heard about the attempt on Reagan’s life and about the space shuttle.  Too soon, I will be saying 15, 20, 25 years ago…