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Stand-Up Comic John Crist

moving the podcast – interview from January 15, 2014


Episode 22. John Crist tells me about his comic roots – making the announcements at church. He also talks about why he decided to pursue his dream job, how being the son of a pastor made him a better comic, and the benefits of having a clean show. And how he believes “if you have a gift and you’re not using it, you’re robbing people.”

John Crist Icon
“Everybody is put on this planet for a reason, everybody has gifts and callings inside of them that make them come alive.”

0:00 ~  where to start?Crist-y Hair
4:00 ~ church announcements are a joke
7:20 ~ choosing a career in stand-up
11:15 ~ a Christian who is a comic
16:35 ~ funny is funny: benefits of a clean show
20:05 ~ transitioning to full time comedy
25:00 ~ looking for your dream

Connect with John:
on his website
on Twitter @johnbcrist
on Facebook

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Ricky Anderson (@Arthur2Sheds)
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He’s also funny on Instagram!

Week In Review – Not Your Average Bucket List

I would love to have a whole weekend off soon.

Today I finally got happy about fall.
When I threw a cape over my crappy, worn-out,
mix-matched, around-the-house clothes
so I could go to the grocery store.

Once again I’m reminded that recipes
work out best for me
when I follow them.

I got my furnace fixed today,
and I quickly realized there is a super fine line between
being too cold in the house to want to do anything
and too warm in the house to want to do anything.

Today I got locked in a bathroom, and the first thing
I thought was that now I can say that’s happened to me!
It’s the kind of comedy you see in movies and tv,
but most people in their whole lives will never
get locked in a bathroom

In another tv, movie and YouTube-worthy comedy first,
today I rolled off the back of a treadmill
and found myself on my ass on the floor.
Yes I did.
I dropped my phone on the treadmill, and when
I looked down at it, I just stopped walking…
What a doofus.

Sometimes I make mistakes,
and by sometimes I mean quite often.
And by quite often, I mean all the time.

Any odd things on your real or imaginary bucket list?