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Resolutions – January 2014

Here’s how I did in January:

healthy budget
This month’s goal was to write out my monthly budget for the rest of the year. I didn’t do it! What a lame-o.

healthy diet
This month’s goal was to start making breakfast at home. I started, but I wasn’t consistent. However, I haven’t eaten fast food breakfast this month, so that’s one win.

This months goal was to go back to the gym. I finally got into the gym at the end of the month, walking on the treadmill three days. It’s not much, but goal Accomplished!

spend time with family or friends I rarely see
This month I spent a three day weekend at the river with my parents. That’s not necessarily in the spirit of what I intend to do with this goal, but technically I don’t see my parents very often at all. So, Accomplished!

go someplace different or go to an event each month
I went to the movies and saw Her this month. Well, this isn’t quite what I was after, but I’m going to count it as at least getting out of the house. Especially since I couldn’t get off work early, so I went to a 5:10 showing. I wanted to see the movie, but didn’t want to go because it was so late. I had to talk myself into it since I’d be getting out after 7pm. And I still had to go to the grocery store. Anyway, I’m counting it as Accomplished!

keep a daily thankful journal
I created my Thankful in 2014 page, and the January page. I started way late into the month, but I am on my way to learning how to be thankful again!! Accomplished!

Write at least 6 Queries for the blog this year
I haven’t started this one yet, but I need to get on it. I’m blocked in my head because I have old audio to transcribe, and I’ve got myself locked into this thinking that I have to have their answers for the post. I need to work myself past that point, or else make a bigger effort to get the transcribing done.

re-paint my kitchen and put up shelves
Not doing this one until the spring or summer.

take a computer class
Haven’t moved on this one yet.

go to bed at the same time every night
I’m getting a little earlier toward the end of the month, but I just need to put my foot down and set a time and stick to it. Also, I need to plan my tasks better so I won’t be up working late on podcast or blog deadline.

get up early every morning
One day this month, that I remember, I got up 10 minutes early. Or not really, because I shut off my alarm and laid there. But then after 5 minutes I got up, which gave me time to do all I needed to do and get out the door not in a rush. So, a small win that gave me positive reinforcement. I’ll need to keep working on this one and MAKE myself get up.

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