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Resolutions – January 2012

Here’s how I did in January:


Every Month Goals:

stick to my new budget

I actually expected to fail this one right off the bat, but I made it.  By the skin of my teeth, but still.  I don’t have any “disposable” income, but I managed to keep on budget and even had saved enough to cover the repairs on my car.  So, that was great.

spend time with family or friends I rarely see

I spent an afternoon and evening with my aunt, which was lovely.  We tried to do that Geocaching thing, which is supposed to be a lot of fun.  We were just frustrated.  But, it was nice to spend time together, and also we got ice cream after, so win/win.  That evening, my cousin took us to dinner, so win/win/win!

go someplace different or go to an event (in other words, get out of the house!)

On the very first day of January, I went to the Botanical Garden with my sister and her family.  Way to get it checked off the list immediately, right?  I was glad I went, and plus I got a post out of it.

do something randomly nice for someone

I honestly have not done that.  Or thought about it.  I completely forgot about this one, which is a clear indication of why it was on there in the first place.   I don’t do enough nice things for people, so I need to get started working on that one.


Being Thankful


writing more substantial blog content

All I can say is I’m sorry!

the Queries

I finally posted a new Query!  I wanted to do two a month, but it’s just not working out time-wise.  So, at this point, if I can do one a month, I will be happy with that.  February’s is coming soon!

To Do:

adopt healthier eating habits

No comment.  Yet.  I’ve started with eating a healthier breakfast, but even that is hit or miss right now.

de-clutter my house

It has started!  I cleared out some books.  This is not mentally or emotionally easy, but as I go forward, it will get easier and faster.

take a photography class

Not yet, but I know of one class I want to do in the Spring.

go to bed at the same time every night

This is a real issue for me because of my work schedule.  But I am working on it.  Not very well, but I haven’t given up on it.


So that’s it, and now February has begun…

Oh, boy.  That means I’ve got to do this all again.

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