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What Do You Hold On To?

I’m not a hoarder, but I can certainly understand where they’re coming from.  When I have had occasion to watch that show, I feel sorry for them and the family, but I can understand that mindset.  I can sympathize with how they feel about not wanting to let go of their possessions.  I certainly have some of that in me, of an unusual attachment to things.  But I try not to let it get the best of me.

Then again, I’m a little nuts.  I tend to project my emotions onto objects, which makes it harder when it comes time to part.  One thing that has worked for me is simply to take pictures of items that have special significance.  I label the pictures under “Memory Savers”, and I think that’s kind of what those objects have been.  They remind me of special times and bring back memories of how it felt to be in that moment. 

I do get in clear-out mode from time to time.  When that happens, I try to go through as much stuff as possible.  Once the mood passes, I’m back to “keeping it” mode, and that’s all she wrote.  Meanwhile, I don’t bring things into the house (hardly ever) anymore.  I’ve actually gotten rid of way more in the last two or three years than ever before.   That, with not bringing more in, has helped de-clutter.  I’m working on it.

What kinds of things are difficult for you to throw out?

What have you had a hard time parting with, but made yourself do it?  How did you feel about it afterwards?  Any regrets?

What about people?  (That’s a whole other blog.)  Have you had to purge your life of people that weren’t good for you?


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Why Do I Hold On To Things?

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  1. changingmoods #

    I find it hard to get rid of things people have given me (like clothes), even if I don’t wear/use said item. I’d feel guilty about it.

    With toxic friends, I find it easy to sever the ties with them, but with toxic family members I find it harder. Toxic family members are connected to family members one wants to keep in her life, so it’s not easy to disconnect from them. All one can do is tolerate their nonsense.

    May 13, 2011
    • skippingstones #

      That’s a good one – I always feel guilty about gifts I don’t need (or want). I’m always thinking that the person will say, “Hey, where’s that such-and-such I gave you?”

      The friends question was kind of an after thought. (hahahahaha – I just did it and didn’t even realize. I’m going to leave that one in there for you!) That’s a hard lesson to learn – it’s hard on you. But you have to do that for yourself. Cut them loose!

      May 13, 2011

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