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Being Human

When I first started this blog, I had no real idea of what I would fill it with.  I kept coming back to the idea that I just wanted to write about being a regular, average human being.  But then I started wondering what on earth is a “regular, average human being”?  And that led to more questions, like what defines humanity, anyway?

The blog has shot off in a different direction from where it started, but whatever ground it may cover, it’s still all about being human.

Here are some things you may enjoy reading

Some human interactions:

Just Another Day At Work

Retail Talk Therapy


Being Human in the Movies:- 

Movie Quote Monday – 2011

Movie Quote Monday – 2012

Movie Quote Monday – 2013


Quotes from other bloggers that I’ve collected along the way:

the Infinite Monkey speaks 2012

the Infinite Monkey speaks 2013

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