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Regular Features

Some of the regular features you’ll see here:


revisiting old journals
These posts are real journal entries.  I will occasionally correct some grammar so I don’t look too stupid, but other than that, it’s as is – which makes for an easy post day for me.  But I wouldn’t post it if I didn’t think it had some bearing on my life now.  Mostly our journals do, if we let them.  Lots of circles.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos are my own.  Click over to my Flickr account to see more pictures that I didn’t use on the blog.  I’ve also got a sporadically updated photo blog, If My Eyes Were Cameras.

hometown tourist
I was inspired by a couple of other bloggers to get out of the house and start appreciating my surroundings.  The Hometown Tourist posts are all about my community and what I find there.

practicing thankful
I am attempting to approach my life with a more positive attitude.  Ask me how that’s going.  Anyway, I’m really trying to acknowledge things that I’m thankful for.  These posts are mostly about how I’m failing to do that, but I keep trying.  And writing about it helps.  For which I’m thankful.  (see how I did that?)

resolution check
I did a resolution check in at the beginning of most months and talk about what kinds of challenges or little victories I experienced.

the Infinite Monkey speaks
I’m constantly seeing wonderful things out there on other blogs, in the posts themselves and just as often in the comments.  I wanted a way to highlight those bloggers and share with my readers some of the passages that moved me.  This is what I came up with.


Being Human
What does it mean to be human?  I don’t know that there is an answer.  Just Another Day At Work is a list of conversations and observations from work, some thought-provoking, some just for fun.  Retail Talk Therapy is about sharing (and over-sharing) with strangers.  Movie Quotes with Meaning is a list of film quotes, some from Movie Quote Monday posts and some that just really struck me as illustrative of being human.

This is a list of all of the questions I’ve been asking people in “real life”.  Some questions are fun and frivolous, some are more involved.  The current 3 questions are on the drop down menu and the newest Query is also located on the sidebar – just click on the picture.  These are worth exploring.

This page was inspired by a comment on a post.  The comment came from Harold who, in response to this post about Saying Thanks, suggested putting a page on our blogs about Thankfulness.  I thought it was a great idea.  The hope is to keep the page updated with things we are thankful for, specifically “the day-to-day details and moments that often go overlooked”.  This year I’m doing weekly Thankfuls.

I made resolutions in January, for the first time in too many years to count.  If I’d been on my own, I certainly would have quit already, so that’s why I’m posting about them here.  I have a tally sheet for each month, and hopefully I’ll have made some real progress by the time next January rolls around.


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