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the Infinite Monkey speaks: on creating stories

Random brilliance from across the blogosphere…


We’re creating stories with every meal we eat together, with every crazy family dance time, with every time we patiently wait for an unsuspecting family member to exit the washroom so we can yell “Boo!”

–  Jan Moyer

Remember that time?

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  1. I read that and thought, “that sounds just like our house. I love waiting outside the washroom to scare someone.”
    I’m a bit dense sometimes.
    Thanks, Michelle – glad it spoke to you.

    January 26, 2014
    • Funny!

      My only problem is I try not to post more than one quote from a blogger each year, and you have such great content!! I see lots on your blog that is share-worthy. But I did really like this one!

      January 26, 2014

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