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Snow Day!

Okay, it’s not technically a snow day because it actually snowed on Tuesday.

And I don’t even get  snow days because I have to go to work no matter what the weather is doing.

No. Matter. What.

But today I was off (or yesterday at this point), so I was able to enjoy the snow as God intended – from home. 🙂

Anyway, the snow is slowly, slowly melting, but it’s so cold at night that the roads are icy in the mornings and evenings. So the less people on them the better.

But Louis and I did get outside for a bit today, and took a little walk up to the field.



20140123_140646 (2)

I had to drive in across the field when I got home Wednesday night. My driveway is so steep that I can’t get up it when it snows.

.A very little walk.

Louis learns that snow on logs is slippery.

Louis learns that snow on logs is slippery.

I keep forgetting I want to buy snow boots when the stores are selling snow boots, and my tennis shoes were not made for walking around in what’s basically just thick water.


So once my shoes were getting soaked through, I figured it was time to go in. That took all of about 15 minutes.

As soon as I said, “Okay, baby!” and turned around, Louis ran for the house!


That speck is Louis.

I guess I can’t blame him; he wasn’t wearing any shoes at all.

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  1. It’s been an unusually cold winter for us, but so far no snow, only ice for a few days. I want some snow!!! Louis is so cute.

    January 24, 2014
    • I’m late answering because I got so tied up at work last week, and then other posts were posting and more comments… but anyway, it all melted on Monday in a lovely 58 degree day. And then it snowed again Tuesday night. So it looks that way all over again, haha. It’s sad you don’t get snow, but I would like snow more if it never landed on the roads. Also, thank you – I think Louis is cute too. He says hello!

      January 29, 2014
  2. Your dog is so cute! Love the picture of him leaping! Looks like it was a nice walk, even if it was only for 15 minutes. Have great day!

    January 24, 2014
    • Thanks Sue!! He didn’t quite make it over that tree, but he was not daunted and just walked around the long way, haha. I know this is late, but you have a great day too – tomorrow and this weekend!

      January 29, 2014
  3. Thanks for sharing your walk. Cold but looks fun. I’m in California, so I never have to contend with snow. Did live through a blizzard once–good luck keeping warm.

    January 24, 2014
    • I would love to visit California at least once. I’m sure it’s like all other states, with more beautiful and less beautiful parts, but I’d like to visit some of the beautiful parts!! 🙂 I’m a stingy heater (or in other words, broke), so I keep it at 60 most of the time. But I’ve been cranking it up these last two weeks – it’s too cold!

      January 29, 2014
  4. I remember snow…and that’s the way I like it. It is unusually cold here but it is dry. If it were to snow the city would shut down until the snow went away.

    January 24, 2014
    • Haha, I miss it and want it when it’s summer, but when it really does snow, I’m all “what an inconvenience!” We usually don’t get that much, but when we do, man the schools shut down just as soon as the forecast says the word snow.

      January 29, 2014
      • Same here. There was no school Tuesday but they thought it might snow… it didn’t. It did snow Tues night so the schools stayed closed today. If it snows again tonight I guess they will not open tomorrow.

        January 29, 2014
        • That’s what happened here last week, haha. They kept changing the time for the snow, pushing the start time back and forth. So schools closed and it didn’t amount to much until that night. They don’t build enough snow days into the system, but then again, some years we don’t really get any snow. But better safe than sorry! One of my pharmacists got in an accident on the way to work this morning on the snowy roads. You just never know.

          January 29, 2014

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