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The Still Steady Stream of Being

Then I finally decide to do it and
Oh, what secret harbored
addiction will unfold itself,
embrace my shaking limbs in
the final moments of tedious
aching countdown of seconds
churning by with the rhythm
of pounding blood and nausea,
Oh yes, my God – how sweet
the smell will be and
just a little repugnant,
that sticky liquid pouring
out and over,
thickening like paste, pouring
out and over the body
and these waiting hands that
held their patience so long
amid the brief encounters that
shocked their skin,
that reverberated against their
very bones, only so long before
an echo of the touch vibrated
through the whole of this being
and I finally decide to do it,
swiftly, with eager mouth devouring
every metallic moment, swiftly
I dive back through and break
the surface of this moment,
this torment of anticipation…

back into the peace of silent solitude…
back into the still steady stream of being…

until the rippling begins again and
I must finally decide to do it.


What is this poem about?

What emotions does it evoke?

Does it even make any sense?

Do you like it or hate it or maybe you couldn’t care less?


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  1. Jacque M #

    All I can think of is Chocolate….

    May 27, 2011

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