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the Infinite Monkey speaks: on anything but

Random brilliance from across the blogosphere…


Somewhere along the lines, my daughter will doubt that she is beautiful. Despite hearing it from the moment she was born, despite it being truth, she will pinch her waist, cringe at her complexion, wish herself anything but.

 – Jessica Buttram


You Make Me Beautiful

Autumn Reveals Herself

The first cool morning

and autumn reveals herself to me:

she pulls her cape ’round,




bottomless depths of evergreen,

and brown.

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The Artist

How does he make that happen…

capture my whole childhood

in one stroke, 

yellowed highlight

of a single green leaf, 


like my memory.

calculated risk

I think,

that as long as you have

the capacity to love,


then you are vulnerable

to having your heart broken.


The greater your love,

the greater the risk of injury.


I think,

it’s so totally worth it.