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River Vacation (or How I Almost Died)

I’ve been spending my vacation at the river house!  The first few days was just my dad and me, before some other family came in.  On my second day, we heard there were huge waves out on the bay, and we decided to “just go see” after checking the crab pots.  We were in the wrong boat, but the temptation was too strong.  

As soon as we got a little ways into the inlet, we could see the waves just rolling at the entrance.  Surf was up!  But we went a little further…you know, just to see.  As we got closer to the end, it became apparent that this was a fool’s mission.  But we had gone too far and there was no way to safely turn the boat around.

Looking out at that rocking water, I was torn between really wanting to experience the adventure of being out among them, and really not wanting to get wet.  In any case, I had no choice, and we had to go through.  So that’s what we did.

I’ll admit that I was a little scared.  It wasn’t so much that I feared for my life; I never thought we were in any real danger of death.  I was more afraid that we’d be really, really inconvenienced.  It’s just so much nicer to be sitting on a boat than it is to be thrown off a boat.  And also, I didn’t want my camera to fall in.

There were a couple of times when I thought the boat could conceivably be rolled, and my dad had to maneuver just right to turn the boat at the safest time.  After that, he just chose a wave and surfed it back into the inlet.

Even though we were probably in no more danger than that of being sea sick, I still reserve the right to refer to it as “the day I almost died”.  I don’t have a lot of excitement in my life, so I take what I can get.  Also, that sounds so much more interesting than “the day I almost got wet”.

I’m working on a crabbing video for next week, but in the meantime, here are a few pictures:

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Year of Quotes No. 20

the Infinite Monkey speaks: on writing

Random brilliance from across the blogosphere…


I write because we live in a world throbbing with beauty, because I want to put that beauty into words, and because I want to give some of it back.  I do not always create art, but sometimes the inspiration and desire to create is art itself.  Sometimes this is enough.  Sometimes I am enough.

– Francesca Zelnick

A Small Offering

Nothing is simple

Revisiting Old Journals12/12/90

There are no true simplicities in life.  That’s the beauty of it.

And sometimes that’s the kick in the ass.