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Thankful in October 2011

Saturday, 10/1: I’m finally doing some updating on my blog, which sorely needs it.  I’m thankful to have the time and inclination to take care of some blog housekeeping.  Plus it’s fun.

Sunday, 10/2: I’m thankful for this day of rest and I’m thankful that I have tomorrow off, too.  Three days off in a row!

Monday, 10/3: I had to buy gas today, but it’s the first time in week and a half.  I guess I just haven’t driven as much these last two weeks.  And with the prices going down a bit, it cost me less than $40 to fill up.  I’m certainly thankful to be spending less money on gas!

Tuesday, 10/4: I didn’t go into work until 3pm today, so I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get my Tuesday task done.  But Kyle had already started it!  I’m thankful for co-workers who know the needs of the business and are not the kind of people who say – or think – “that’s not my job”.  I’m thankful that I was able to get everything done tonight.

Wednesday, 10/5:  Truck day, which I like because the time goes by so very quickly.  Today, there wasn’t much left for me to do, so I was able to tackle a couple of other projects as well.  I’m thankful to have had some variety in my job again today.

Thursday, 10/6:  Back at the office, and I’m so glad to have this office job.  However, since I’ve been feeling better, the store job has been much more enjoyable.  I’m thankful to be feeling better – it seems to effect so much of my life.

Friday, 10/7:  After missing many weeks of bible study, we’re finally back to it.  Tonight it was just me and my Aunt, and we had a lovely time.  I’m thankful that I have her and my uncle so much in my life.

Saturday, 10/8:  Yay!  I get off an hour earlier than I thought I did.  Boo!  I get paid an hour less.  Still, I’m thankful to have gotten home early, that’s always nice.

Sunday, 10/9:  I worked a double tonight so my co-worker could go home sick.  I’m thankful that I was able to do that for him.  I’m even more thankful that I did it with a willing heart.

Monday, 10/10:  I’m pretty excited, because I started a new blog today just for photography.  I’m not the best photographer and my pictures are pretty standard fare, but I love taking pictures and I want to do more with that.  I’m thankful that these blogs are free :), and I’m thankful to be making some decisions about what I want to do with my future.  Now I just need to figure out how to make it happen and then, of course, comes the hard part – doing some actual work.  

Tuesday, 10/11:  Looked at a house today, but not so sure about it.  I’m thankful to have my parents, who support me in every way.  Really thankful.

Wednesday, 10/12:  Truck day again – it’s amazing how quickly the days fly by.  I’m thankful that being so busy with truck makes the shift go by quickly.  That’s about it.

Thursday, 10/13:  My boss was in a meeting all day in Maryland, but we had a good chat for about 30 minutes on her way home.  She said I sounded better today than I have in the last 6 weeks or so.  I’m thankful that we get along, that she’s a nice person, that she puts up with me when I’m not feeling well, and that I am nearly back to normal.

Friday, 10/14:  My sister and I went to see a different house today and then had lunch.  I’m thankful that my sister wants to do these things with me, and to help me out.  And I’m thankful that my Thur/Fri job allows me the ability to take a two-hour lunch from time to time.  I have to make up the time, but it’s so nice to have that flexibility.

Saturday, 10/15:  I spent the day with my friend and some of her family, picking apples and walking up a waterfall trail.  I am thankful that my friend still wants to hang out with me, even though we rarely get to see each other anymore.  I’m thankful that she still thinks it’s worth the effort.

Sunday, 10/16:  Today I’m thankful for my family.  That’s pretty much every day, but still.  My sister called about looking at a house I’m interested in, and even though she has more important things to spend her time on, she’s willing to do that for me.  Plus my parents are pretty nice, too.

Monday, 10/17:  I was off again today, so I wanted to look at houses.  It took us forever, because we went all the way to Caroline and way out in Spotsylvania.  I was gone 4 hours, and only looked at 2 houses (for maybe 15 minutes each).  It was a long morning and afternoon.  Neither of them would work, but I’m thankful to have gotten this process started.  I’m thankful to have a base to work from, which is important.

Tuesday, 10/18:  I got my post finished, or at least half of it.  I’m thankful that I’m keeping up with it, if barely, and for the photography blog.

Wednesday, 10/19:  I didn’t get enough sleep last night, so I was so very tired at work tonight.  I’m basically thankful that it’s over, so I can get some rest.

Thursday, 10/20:  I finally got myself together and left my parent’s house after work tonight.  Once I get there, I get all comfortable and then I don’t want to leave.  I went last Friday after work so they could watch Louis while I was in the mountains on Saturday.  I purposely only brought clothes enough to last me through that Sunday.  So…I simply washed them.  I should have just brought enough clothing in the first place, because I kind of secretly knew how that would turn out.  I’m thankful that my parents let me hang out at their house for so long, and that they don’t kick me out.  I’m thankful to be back home, as well.  It’s lovely and restful to be in your own home, there is a kind of peace that falls over me as soon as I walk in the door.  I’m thankful that I have that in my life, too.  Not everyone does.

Friday, 10/21:  Bible study night with my Aunt and Uncle!  I’m always thankful for these nights.  We’re almost at the end of John and I’m excited to start on Acts when we’re done.  I’m thankful that they want to do this with and for me!

Saturday, 10/22:

Sunday, 10/23:

Monday, 10/24:  It was a long day of looking at houses.  Of the six or seven that I was interested in, only two were still available.  We managed to put together a list of six to see, but on our way, we found out that one of those was already sold.  But even though the farthest we traveled was 15 miles or so, it was still a long process.  But I really like my new Real Estate Agent and I’m thankful to have found him.  He listens to me and is willing to spend time helping me find the right place, even though I’m shopping in a low price range.

Tuesday, 10/25:  I was off today and I didn’t do anything but read magazines and a book.  And I caught up on two of my shoes.  I did do the dishes.  I am thankful to have a quiet and restful day today.

Wednesday, 10/26:  I always start my shift on truck day feeling a little bit overwhelmed and fearful that I can’t possibly get it all done.  But, thankfully, we always do.

Thursday, 10/27:  I was able to leave work two hours early today to make an appointment to see a house.  I’m thankful that I was scheduled too many hours, so that it was possible for me to cut time later.  It’s a small thing, but it’s nice to have some flexibility in my job.

Friday, 10/28:  I tried to cut the last half hour, but I ended up staying late at work anyway – just way too much to do.  But I am thankful for the overtime, because I need the money.

Saturday, 10/29:  There was a pretty decent looking property that just went on the market yesterday and at a price I could afford.  So my agent met me out there after work today.  I’m thankful that there are properties coming available in my price range – that are not covered in dog pee and goodness knows what else.  And I’m thankful for my agent, who is going out of his way to get me into these places quickly.

Sunday, 10/30:  I’m staying late for my co-worker tomorrow, so I got off early today.  Not much early, but I’m thankful for whatever extra time I can get.  Tomorrow I may be saying something different after that long day. 🙂

Monday, 10/31:  Happy Halloween!  There’s a part of me that doesn’t want to move – at all.  But I also have a lot of reasons that I do want to move, the top one being that I will be closer to my family and the city in general.  I’m thankful now for the peace and quiet, not to mention beauty, of my current surroundings.  After I move, I will be thankful to be in town, where I will have trick-or-treaters, maybe including my nieces.


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