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Thankful in July 2011

Friday, 7/1: Peyton had a show tonight for the band he’s in, and it was a great time.  Logan played a song at the end with his friend, and that was good, too.  Peyton sang a song – I was so proud of him.  On the way there, we saw a tiny little dragonfly.  I thought I lost my wallet, but my Mom found it – very, very thankful for that.

Saturday, 7/2: I finished a bit of writing that I was having a hard time with.  And I actually like how it turned out.  (And then I deleted the end by accident!!  Back to work…)

Sunday, 7/3: I was able to spend a little time with my mom and the baby before work.  It was less than 45 minutes, and we didn’t do a thing, but it’s just nice to be with people you love and who love you.  And it’s always nice to hold a baby!  (Who’s not crying – although she did cry a little for her bottle, and I was still loving holding her, even as she cried in my ear.)

Monday, 7/4:  A day off!  I’m always thankful for that.

Tuesday, 7/5: Today I did my cooking for the week – or at least the big parts.  I’m thankful to have food to eat.  I’m thankful to finally be starting back on the road to some healthier eating habits.  Also I had a good long interesting conversation today, and I love those.  I’m thankful to have friends.  Also, lightning bugs.  This seems to be the summer for bringing lightning bugs back into my field of vision.  And aren’t they lovely?

Wednesday, 7/6:  Thanks to my mom for sharing her videos of the band!  You’re so nice (and for putting them on a disc for me, especially after I told you the other day that I didn’t need them, while I was at the house, no less).

Thursday, 7/7: Got all but 3 pharmacist shifts covered – down from 10 at the start of the day.  Thankful!!!

Friday, 7/8: It stormed like crazy today, but I got out to my car during a break.  Nice!  I got some great pictures of the raindrops gathered at the ends of the needles on a young evergreen.  Some of them turned out just beautiful.  It made me happy.

Saturday, 7/9:  I’m thankful for this job…I’m thankful for this job…  Argh, photo equipment!!  I’m thankful for this job…

Sunday, 7/10:  I did a lot of heavy lifting at work today, and my back is aching, but it always feels nice to get things accomplished.

Monday, 7/11:  Today I’m thankful for a sister who feeds me lunch AND dinner on the same day.  And for a baby who looks me in the face for the first time ever.  If I were to die tonight, I would not die satisfied with my life, either in length or depth.  I would not die satisfied with myself.  But I would die overjoyed by the people God has placed in my life.  Family and friends who have loved me without condition; co-workers and acquaintances who have liked and supported me; strangers who have been kind to me for no reason at all and, though they did not know it, sometimes it was just when I needed it most.

Tuesday, 7/12:  Naps and reading and taking an easy day.  And maybe for getting half of the lawn done (at least it’s done, right?).

Wednesday, 7/13:  A cool day!  Finally!  I can hardly believe it.  And I got the rest of the grass cut – I only wish I had saved the first half for today, but at least it’s done.

Thursday, 7/14:  Office day!  When I came in, my boss had already covered many of the open shifts for next week (there were a lot).  That was wonderful news.

Friday, 7/15:  I worked a long, long day today (it was actually chilly when I went out to my car this morning).  But, the extra shift I took tonight means I get to be off tomorrow.  Toni wants to go see Harry Potter tomorrow and now I can!  

Saturday, 7/16:  Saw Harry Potter today with Toni & Jeff and then we went out to lunch… or dinner.  Well, it was 4pm, so there were those jokes…  Anyway, it was great to see them and their son and Toni’s mom & sister.  The movie was great, the time spent with friends was even better.  Also, they were so generous as to treat me to the movie and the lunch/dinner.  How nice was that?  I’m so thankful for having wonderful friends.

Sunday, 7/17:  Back to work.  I had a long shift (not so great) that enabled me to get my work done in without stressing about running out of time (great).

Monday, 7/18:  The great thing about truck day is that the day goes by extra fast!

Tuesday, 7/19:  I don’t usually work on Tuesdays, so it was a nice change to do something different at work, as opposed to just signs, push and truck.

Wednesday, 7/20:  Babysitting Allison today!  I was a bum and watched their cable all day, but the best part is that I got to see and talk to everyone, and I got to spend the day with the baby.  She is so darn cute!  She wouldn’t really talk to me, no matter how much I talked to her, but she’s looking me in the eyes all the time now.  Except when she’s sitting on my lap – then she refuses to look at me and she looks all over the room instead, with these quick head movements looking here and there and everywhere, including the ceiling.

Thursday, 7/21:  Office Day!  I can’t believe how long it takes to get a schedule done, but it all pays off in the end.  I’m thankful to have it mostly settled, since everything was so up in the air in July.

Friday, 7/22:  August schedule is all set up and I’m thankful that there aren’t many holes to fill.

Saturday, 7/23:  My aunt has been ill for at least 6 months, but is feeling better now – very thankful.  So tonight we were able to get back together for our Bible Study.  (Plus they always feed me beforehand! 🙂 )  It was wonderful not only to see and hear that she is feeling better, but I surely did miss them and our time together.  Very thankful in many ways.

Sunday, 7/24:  Long day at work, but I need the hours – thankful to have a job and a paycheck!

Monday, 7/25:  Thinking today about being thankful and all the things I take for granted in this wonderful world around me.  I’m thankful for my eyes and my nose and my fingers and my ears – and for all the things they can see, smell, touch and hear.

Tuesday, 7/26:  Off today and thankful for the rest.  Also catching up on my blog subscriptions this afternoon!  There is a lot of great writing out there and so much else to gain from blogging – insights and answers, different viewpoints and dare I say…friends.

Wednesday, 7/27:  Off again – I love having two days off in a row.

Thursday, 7/28:  My brother-in-law went to the emergency room this morning.  I’m thankful that he’s okay and I’m super thankful that my Thur/Fri office job allows me the freedom to leave for a few hours to go check on him and my sister.

Friday, 7/29:  Bible study with my aunt and uncle tonight!  We always have some great conversations and I’m very thankful for the time we get to share together.  Not to mention the learning I’m doing with my bible.

Saturday, 7/30:  I just saw a hummingbird fly up to my living room window.  I actually gasped!  I can’t remember when I’ve seen one last.  I hope this one lives around here and I get to see it again.  I see one or more cardinals on my drive to work every day, and it makes me feel happy each time.  Little pleasures!

Sunday, 7/31:  I snapped out of it today.  I can’t truly describe it, but it’s like having myself back again – nothing feels the same today as it did yesterday.  My view-point has changed, and I can feel it even in my comments on other sites tonight – they feel…unshaded.



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  1. Jacque M #

    I think this may be the best part of your blog. I love reading the day to day thoughts you are having.

    I was just browsing your site – thinking about you and the rest of the family. This is a cool way to keep in touch, or just watch (read) from the sidelines if you want. I’m so glad you are doing this.

    July 8, 2011
    • I’m kind of surprised by that, just because the Thankful pages are there more as a reminder to be thankful, or I guess because I think of those pages as being almost boring. I post them for myself, to keep me focused on my attitude. And I post them in the hopes that someone else will be inspired to have a thankful attitude or to start a thankful journal. But I had no idea of them being enjoyed by anyone else. Although I do get over to Harold’s daily thankful notes and I like reading those. Very interesting.

      July 8, 2011
  2. Ah, glad you caught up! I was wondering…. Don’t take the job for granted either! If I was offered 30-40 hours a week I would jump at it! Even though I passed out 87 door hangers to try to get business today, that’s work I know! (my feet are killing me now!)
    One step at a time, one day at a time on this journey! Yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t here yet, we only have today.

    July 26, 2011
    • You are so right! And that is work you did – hopefully it will pay off in cash!!

      I do get down in my job sometimes (I guess it happens to a lot of people), but I am so glad to have it. I have been out of work before, downsized once and company went out of business once, and it’s a pretty scary place to be.

      July 26, 2011
  3. Jacque M #

    I am thankful for being able to go back to my “old” job. You know the grass is not always greener, sometimes it is from the spray paint they used to cover up the old, dried-up, prickly stickered grass.

    I left the “best job I ever had” for one of those “greener” ones and have spent a miserable 8 months there, waiting, hoping my old job would open back up before I was forced to retire to get away from the misery I was in.

    thankful doesn’t even begin to describe what I feel.

    July 30, 2011
    • I’m glad for you – but does this mean you have to give back all those presents they gave you when you left?

      Also, I’m sorry I haven’t kept up with all that! I need to keep in better touch.

      July 30, 2011
    • Beverly Wood #

      Glad things worked out for you Jacque!! Michelle, love the thankful notes! I should keep a little daily journal myself just to bring a positive note when I find myself complaining about stuff that goes on at work ….. Thankful to have a job relatively close to home where I can be with Bill every night instead of living in WV!!
      Love your post and try to spend Sunday’s catching up! I find it very relaxing and enjoyable! Glad you are blogging!!!

      July 31, 2011
      • Thanks, Beverly! It’s nice to spend Sundays with you, if only in writing :).

        With so many people out of work, or underemployed, I’m thankful to have a job at all. I’ve been out of work before myself, and so thankful to start working again…but then it’s so easy to loose that grateful feeling. It all just blends in to normal life. And it’s too easy to focus on the frustrations and irritations. Maybe that’s just human nature. But we can work toward focusing on the positive and we can hope that it starts to become second nature.

        July 31, 2011

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