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One Year Old Today

I hit the Publish button on my first ever blog post a year ago today.  Well, a year and about two hours ago.  Immediately afterwards, I wrote my second ever blog post, which was much more to the point (and even now, it more accurately describes my blog than anything else).  I was going to say that I still don’t have a theme, but I guess the theme is me, just what I think or feel, what’s going on in my life, a few triumphs and many, many foibles.  I’ve written about God, snakes, friends and family, cutting the grass, my hometown, and depression.  I’ve shared my journals, my poetry, and my photos, a little bit of comedy and a lot of truth.  I’ve asked some questions.  I’ve contemplated art and infinity, thankfulness and being nice.  You know what?  I feel like a lot has happened in a year. continue reading…

Blogging is my Life Coach

Last Friday, I wrote about how disappointed I was with myself for some bad behavior, and that post has been on my mind all week.  Which is not a bad thing.  I want to change my behavior, so it’s kind of important that I put some focus on it.  As I was thinking about all this, it occurred to me that were it not for this blog, I probably would have abandoned my pursuit of Thankful long ago.

That’s not an astounding revelation, it’s simply a matter of accountability.  Still, this was not one of the expectations I had when I started blogging six months ago.  Other than working on my writing skills, I certainly had no idea of using my blog as a means of self-improvement.  But then, I had no calculated intentions of divulging anything as personal as I find myself sometimes doing.  Who knew a blog could be such a good listener?  It coaxes things out of me that I didn’t know I needed to talk about.  And then it gives me excellent advice.

Wow.  Blogging is my Life Coach. continue reading…