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Do I really need tons of photos to remember my vacation?

I’m a picture person. I usually take tons of photos during special events, especially trips and vacations.

Unfortunately, I was sick on my vacation last week. My throat was hurting by the first day, and by Tuesday my energy was low, low, low. I can see the rapid disintegration in my photo folders: Sun night 70 pictures, Mon 207 pictures, Tues 7 pictures.

It was one of those times when I really wanted to do something, but couldn’t muster the energy or motivation to make it happen. And it seemed like every time I opted not to take my camera with me, that was the time when I wish I’d had it. When I did take it with me, I barely used it.

I made myself spend the day outdoors on Thursday. And though I kept wanting to fall asleep on my chair, I swam and talked and read and watched. At one point, I knew it was the time to take pictures, that this was a moment I’d want to capture. The sun was shining, the waves were blue and white, and everyone was out there having fun. But I thought, “tomorrow…I will do it tomorrow. Today I will just watch and enjoy.”

Of course, the next day – our last day – I was in bed all day and the one time I ventured out into the heat, I turned right back around and went back to bed. So there was no next sunlit day at the beach.

And now I’m kind of sad that I don’t have more photos. I’m still sick, but I wish I’d pushed myself more and just made myself take pictures.

Memories of outings past:

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Those photos are important to me. They bring back the memories in a vivid, perfect way that my mind simply can’t replicate.

I remember the texture of the event, what I felt like, what it sounded like, bits and pieces of scenery and little snippets of the action. But a photo can show me, whenever I want, the exact expression on someone’s face, the exact moment when this  happened, this tiny little thing I’d already forgotten about.

Some people never take photos, and they don’t really need that kind of memento. Even as I was watching the others play in the waves that Thursday, I was thinking it would be okay if I didn’t get those pictures. Because being there was the thing, the most important part. Enjoying the experience. And I was right, of course.

But I still wish I had more pictures.

Are you a picture person?

Do you feel the need to capture the moment, or are you perfectly content just to live it?


Disney Vacation

I can hardly believe that exactly one month ago, I was in the middle of a Disney Vacation.  Time flies when you’re…old.

Thankfully, you’re never too old for Disney World.

I’ve been wanting to write about it, because it was such a fabulous time, but I got sick just before we came home.  And then I kept being sick and not doing much by way of writing, then time slipped by faster and faster.  Now, I’m faced with another problem about getting older: although my enthusiasm for the subject is just as bright and shiny, my memories are not.  They are becoming rather fuzzy, in fact, on the finer details.  But I did take a ton of pictures, so I’m going to share a few of those with you.  You can pretend this is the seventies and you’re sitting on my couch watching vacation slides.  Aren’t you the lucky ones? continue reading…