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Movie Quote Monday – The Goonies

I have enough romance and imagination in me to almost believe that a wish could be attached to a coin. Enough so that it would be hard for me to put that coin into a soda machine, for example.

I could do it if I had  to…but that coin would haunt me.

Andy:  I always used to believe that when you threw your money in, it turned into your wish.
Goonies:  You take this one, and I’ll take two coins…
Stef:  Wait, wait, wait, wait – stop, stop – you can’t do this…

Goonies:  Why?
Stef:  Because, these are somebody else’s wishes…they’re somebody else’s dreams.

My logical mind understands that dreams and wishes can’t be attached to a particular coin, any more than throwing said coin into a fountain will bring those wishes true.  Making your dreams come true requires a bit more effort than that.  But still…

I can spare a quarter for romance and imagination…and a little bit of wishful thinking.

Every dream needs a place to start.