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Bring on the Fall, baby!

This has been a long, hot, car air-conditionless summer.  And I’m done. continue reading…

Is Your God Omnipotent?

So I finally watched the season finale of survivor (no cable and no satellite always puts me a little behind).  This season what was especially interesting for me, as a Christian, was to see Matt going through so much and being so open about his relationship with God.  I suppose everybody who watches survivor really relates to a particular individual at one time or another.

I started reading Jeff Probst’s blog about Survivor soon after Matt was sent to Redemption Island.  At that time, there was a lot of footage shown of Matt praying and of him talking about God’s will.  On one of Jeff’s blogs, an atheist commented that, if there were such a being, God would have more important things to do than worry about how well this kid does on Survivor.  I wasn’t at all surprised to see that kind of statement from an atheist.

What did surprise me is that some Christians were saying the same thing.  It was surprising to see it on commentary by Christians.  But it was a shock to hear someone I know say, “God doesn’t care how Matt does on Survivor!”  Really?  What immediately came to my mind were all the contractors with their vans and ads that shout out, “No Job Is Too Big Or Too Small!”

If you believe that about your plumber,

how can you not believe that about your God? Continue Reading…