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Rise and Shine!

You guys! We slept so late today.

1pm late.

I guess I needed all that sleep, but I hate losing the morning.

And the afternoon, since I haven’t done a darn thing since I got up.

But I do feel way better now. It’s been a long, tough week, and sometimes you just need to decompress a bit.

And sleep 12 hours.


So are you ever getting up or what?


When was the last time you slept super duper late?


While you slept,
I came in by the window.
While you slept,
I used that ladder there.
Dangerous thing, a ladder.
Nowadays you can’t
be too careful.

When I was a child,
we slept with unlocked doors.
When I was a child,
we left the windows open
and let the cool evening breezes
brush over us and smooth
our days into dreams in slumber.