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Just another day at work.

Occasionally, I have to get to take a shift at register.  Generally, I don’t mind, because I like to interact with our customers.  And it can get real interesting up at check-out.  A few days ago, for example, a guy came in looking for a specific kind of cigar.  I say guy.  He looked to be at least 80, but maybe that’s just a result of his lifestyle.

This is an accurate account of our sparkling conversation.  I know because it was so good that I wrote it down right afterwards.  You’re welcome. continue reading…

Why Did I Buy This?

Working in retail can be a real problem for someone with my limited funds and unlimited wants.

This is never so clear to me as when I’m running the register.  So many products!  My wants seem to multiply as the day goes on. “How is it that I’ve never seen this item? What aisle is this on?  Oh, that’s nice!”

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