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Wherefore At My Door, Opossum, Oh Possum?

Sometime during the last six months or so, I started going outside with Louis when I let him out at night. I’ve been doing this because:

  1. my parents guilted me into it
  2. my neighbor told me how many times he and his wife have seen bobcats around here
  3. there was recently a snake in my yard (click here to read about that)

I’ve lived here for 13+ years and Louis has lived here for 8+ years.  Nothing’s ever gotten him yet, but that doesn’t mean it can’t ever happen.  For the past year or so, my parents have pretty consistently shared their concerns that an owl is going to swoop down out of the sky, snatch up their little Grand-Doggy and eat him up.  “He’s a little dog.  An owl will grab up a little dog before you know it.” continue reading