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Autumn Reveals Herself

The first cool morning

and autumn reveals herself to me:

she pulls her cape ’round,




bottomless depths of evergreen,

and brown.

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calculated risk

I think,

that as long as you have

the capacity to love,


then you are vulnerable

to having your heart broken.


The greater your love,

the greater the risk of injury.


I think,

it’s so totally worth it.


what she wanted


because this is what she wanted
she would will it into truth

this is what she wanted

on a summer’s day, he’d knelt down
on a summer’s day
he had begged, he had nearly begged
and she said yes

she said yes
this is what she wanted

such a good man, steady and true
such a good man
he would give, he would give all he had
and he loved her

he loved her
this is what she wanted

because this is what she wanted
she would will it into truth

that this is what she wanted


Movie Quote Monday – A Christmas Story (special edition)

The Byronic Man has a weekly contest on his blog, and I won the last one – I’m so excited!  I wrote a little poem about setting fire to the personal possessions of your not-so-significant-other-anymore-since-he-just-dumped-you.  Autobiographical.  (Just kidding!)  You can read it here.  I think you should go do that right now.  I’ll wait.

Anyway, I found out Saturday after work, and A Christmas Story is the first thing that popped into my head:

Sweed:  …what is that?
—Dad:  It’s a major award.
Sweed:  A major award?

Dad:  I won it.
—Sweed:   Damn, hell you say, you won it?
Dad: Yeah.  Mind power, Sweed, mind power.
—Ralphie:  The entire neighborhood was turned on.

You have permission to be turned on by my major award: I get to be Blogger Of The Week over at The Byronic Man (damn, hell you say).  It’s true!  He put my picture up, with a testimony about my elegance and shark-fearingness.  It’s totally awesome.

If you haven’t been over to his blog before, you should go check him it out.  I can’t guarantee you’ll end up being a major award winner, like me, but I don’t think you’ll regret it.