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living with Kitty: the laser pointer

Laser Pointer

living with Kitty: Behavior Modification

at home (2) Parent's house 2

Random Thoughts – on cat shaming

Every now and then, my cat will suddenly swivel her head around and look at me with an expression like, “How dare you?”

And I’m like, “Wha’d I do?! What? WHAT?”

But all I get is the cat glare. Icy. And not a little condescending. “You. Should be. Ashamed.”

And then she slowly turns away. Because she’s thouroughly disgusted, and that’s all she’s going to say on the matter.

Have you ever been cat shamed?


the Infinite Monkey speaks: on looking up stuff

Random brilliance from across the blogosphere…


Husband: How was your night?

Me: I was worried about the fish and was looking up stuff and came across how to euthanize it. It made me cry.

Husband: What?! You should never follow a link that tells you how to euthanize anything!

 – Rae


The Waiting Room to Heaven