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The Mean Mommy Club: Friends and other Zombies

moving the podcast – interview from October 16, 2013


Mean Mommy Bex and Mean Mommy Suzy sat down with me to talk about their group of “sister-wives”, how they went public, and why they are now a non-profit organization. We also talk about the wild success of their annual Zombie Walk!

Mean Mommies Icon

“We just can’t keep this funny to ourselves anymore!”


0:00 ~ “we’re not mean to everybody…”Zombie Walk Flier
4:35 ~  becoming a non-profit
8:10 ~ public scrutiny & group dynamics
13:20 ~ charities Mean Mommies support
17:05 ~ the Zombie Walk!
22:45 ~ some amazing costumes
28:15 ~ 2013 expectations

I Didn’t Even Cry At The Zombie Walk (my post about the 2012 event)

Connect with The Mean Mommies:
on the website
on Facebook Mean Mommy Club
on Twitter @fredzombies
Facebook Zombie Walk Page

Hope House

Jamie Golden: finding Forever Families

moving the podcast – interview from October 1, 2013


(At the time of this podcast, Jamie Golden worked) for the non-profit Children’s Aid Society in Alabama, tweeting occasionally about the things foster kids and newly adopted kids say to her. The tweets are funny, poignant and sometimes heartbreaking. I talked to Jamie about her job last Saturday, then I told her I was going to go home and cry. I did cry when I recounted some of her stories for my parents and aunt, and I was thankful I had a family to share with over lunch.

But it’s not all sad; there are amazing success stories here as well. Jamie’s excited about her job, and her enthusiasm is infectious and inspirational. Take a listen as Jamie talks to me about kids who need forever families, what happens when they age out of the system, myths and misconceptions about foster care and adoption, and how anyone can be an advocate.

Jamie Logo
“My passion…is working with families who are interested
in adopting children from foster care.”

0:00 ~ “I do a lot of different things”
3:50 ~ Children’s Aid Society
6:50 ~ aging out of the system
11:00 ~ the science of finding parents
14:25 ~ misconceptions of foster care & adoption
22:50 ~ “my passion has always been non-profit agencies”
28:15~ “you don’t have to be in the system to love a foster kid”
32:05 ~ modern day orphanages

Connect with Jamie
on her blog Jamies rabbits
on Twitter @JamiesRabbits
on her podcast The Popcast
podcast on Twitter @popcastpod

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