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Follow through…or not, whatever.

I have no idea when I made this little diary, except that I was in elementary school and it was a special project we did in art class.  Maybe second grade?  And I also have no idea why on earth I started out writing “dear book”.  Seems kinda weird now, but that’s what I did.  Pretty soon I switched over to “dear diary” and I’ve been writing, documenting, journaling, venting – however you want to classify it – ever since.

There are other things about myself that I can trace back to the beginnings of my memory.  I’ve always been shy, timid even, and unsure.  The trifecta, right?  Don’t bet on it, haha!  Get it?  Bet on it?  The trifecta…  Yeah, I’ve had a fantastic sense of humor for as far back as I can remember.  I’ve always had trouble with left and right (don’t ask me for directions).  I’ve always struggled to understand others or to  make my own meaning understood.  I think that’s why I over-explain things, and often end up repeating people’s words back to them in my own language.  I think I know what they’re saying, but I’ve been told I was wrong so much, that I feel the need to clarify.  

And then there’s the little problem of follow through.

Dear Book, We have to write book reports every week, this is my book report, ↓


Love the arrow pointing to all that nothingness.  And clearly my expectations were high, considering I felt I would need to “con.” on the next page.  That’s just so me.  Well, all we can do is keep on trying to improve ourselves, right?

And what about you?  What are some of the ways that you are the same now as ever?

I’m just being nosy – something else about me that hasn’t changed!