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I Am Your Density.

Whenever I think of destiny, I always hear that line in my head from Back To The Future. And really, mulling over the ideas of destiny and fate and free will can  make me feel a little heavy-headed and dense.

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Don’t Lick The Minivan: an interview with Leanne Shirtliffe

On Tuesday, I gave you a Leanne teaser. Today I’m giving you the rest!

I was lucky enough to be included on Leanne’s book launch team, so I got an advanced copy of Don’t Lick The Minivan. And it was really great!! I can’t wait for my “real” copy to come in the mail.

Then Leanne agreed to be my very first guest on my new podcast. And she was great in that too!!

I had a wonderful time talking to her, and I couldn’t have been more impressed, excited, thrilled and lots of other adjectives.

Basically, Leanne is pretty awesome.

Listen to our interview ūüôā

(There’s a link to win a free book at the end, too!)

The Undead Interview, Part Two (with Clay Morgan)

Today I present to you ¬†the last of the Undead Interviews. ¬†Well, interviews I’ve done, anyway. ¬†In this one, Clay Morgan and I dig a little deeper into his book, including talk about pop culture, spirituality and the divinity of Christ. Oh, and zombies.

Fair warning: I overloaded this one with the quotes. ¬†There are just so many great things to pull out of Undead. ¬†Here’s a favorite quote that I didn’t find a space for:

Positive changes begin when we finally start to realize who God actually is rather than many of the misconceptions we carry around. ¬†God and reality come together. ¬†The world begins spinning with the power of that endless revelation. ¬†Earth-shaking stuff. ¬†Then he breathes life into us in a way we have never encountered. ¬†When we move out of the darkness and toward him, the light will hurt our eyes. ¬†It might not be pretty, but there we are. ¬†Alive. ¬†We hear an unfamiliar heartbeat and realize that the pulse isn’t even coming from inside of us. ¬†It’s the heartbeat of God, and we’re hearing it for the first time. ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†(pg 178)

I love the idea that we can hear God’s heartbeat. ¬†Here’s more from Clay:


So, I’ve had Clay’s voice in my head for a month now, and I’m sure I’ll go through a little Clay withdrawal now that this is all done. ¬†But that’s okay, because soon enough I’ll be back to normal – you know, with only the two voices in my head.


Check out Undead at ¬†Hang out, read a few reviews, watch the book trailer…




Revived and Resuscitated

I was supposed to have part two of Clay Morgan‘s interview ready for posting today, but it just didn’t happen. ¬†That’s what I get for ending part one with “tune in next week; same bat time, same bat channel.” ¬†Holy shucks, Batman!

But I do have something great for you!  

In today’s video, Clay gives us an overview of the six individuals in the New Testament who were brought back from the dead. ¬†Going through them one by one, he shares what he was thinking about each of these cases as he wrote about them in his new book, Undead.



I don’t know about you, but I watch every single extra feature that’s offered on a dvd. ¬†And I listen to the commentary, too. ¬†That’s how this struck me, that it’s interesting to see a little of what the author was thinking and intending.

If you’re interested in reading more about Undead, or purchasing a copy, visit!