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A Year in the 80’s – New Wave Music

When I think of early 80’s music, New Wave is what first comes to mind. Wikipedia says that “New Wave music is an umbrella term for several late-1970s to mid-1980s pop/rock musical styles…broadly analogous to punk rock before branching as a distinctly identified genre, incorporating electronic/experimental music, mod, disco and pop.”

I think of New Wave as punk-ish, pop-ish, stylized, individualistic, creative, synthetic, and highly electronic. And like Punk, New Wave was a style beyond the music, with its own distinct fashion sense – that maybe made no sense, haha. But it was creative, you have to give them that!

Here are some videos of what I think of as New Wave Music:

Culture Club, Karma Chameleon, 1982


Adam Ant, Goody Two Shoes, 1982


Eurythmics, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), 1983


Cyndi Lauper, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, 1983


Thompson Twins, Hold Me Now, 1983


Howard Jones, Things Can Only Get Better, 1985


I read once that the music you loved during your formative years will stick with you the rest of your life. That must be true, because I definitely still have a place in my heart for the synthetic sounds of New Wave.


How about you?

What kind of music did you listen to
when you were first starting to really get into music?



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