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A cyber hug for Angela

My friend Angela is going through a tough time right now. She’s in the midst of chemotherapy for ovarian cancer. Her treatments started in mid July and her last treatment is on Halloween. That’s a lot of chemo! And it’s very aggressive treatment with super strong medicines, because they’re doing all they can to make sure the cancer doesn’t return. It’s cancer annihilation!

Angela is a wonderful person and she’s been a good friend and positive influence on me since we first met a couple of years ago out here in cyberspace. I’ve never met her in person, but I count her as a true and real friend.

And she’s handling the cancer and treatments in a way that is so her. There are bad days and weaker days, I know, but she’s facing these challenging months head on, with humor and positive energy. So even in this physically and emotionally hard time, she’s still being a good example for me to follow!

I think of Angela pretty much every day, but tonight (last night by the time this comes out) I thought that I needed to do just a bit more. So I’m asking you for a little help.

Would you guys to send her some prayers or good thoughts or positive energy, or whatever you believe in? Or give her some encouragement in the comments here or visit her blog and say hi?

Maybe she won’t see it today, but I’m thinking she’ll see it when she needs it. But I guess when you’re going through chemo, there are no days when you don’t need a little bit more support and love.

She’s writing about the cancer and chemo as she can, and it starts here if you’re interested: Cancer: And So the Story Begins.

Thanks for your help with this!! Cyber friends give cyber hugs, and I just thought it would be nice to send a few hugs Angela’s way.

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  1. I think of Angela every day as well and also send her a cyber hug. Her warm and genuine spirit make her easy to love. Peace Angela!

    September 10, 2013
    • Thanks Gretchen! (did I spell that right?) 🙂

      September 10, 2013
  2. Adding my hugs – and prayers – to yours. Peace be with you, and with Angela. – Kelly

    September 10, 2013
    • Hi Kelly, thanks for that! They are most welcome and appreciated.

      September 10, 2013
  3. Will do!

    September 10, 2013
    • Thanks Susie – I know you know how that cancer beast is to deal with! I saw your comment over on Angela’s blog, thank you for going over to visit and giving her a good word. I remember how much the prayer and good thoughts meant to you one day!

      September 10, 2013
  4. Thank you everyone for the cyber hugs and happy thoughts! Michelle, you are one of my angels. The support of my friends and family has kept me strong throughout this entire experience. There’s no way I could have made it this far without you. Ladies, listen to your body and pay attention to anything that doesn’t seem right. I listened and insisted that something was “off” and it saved my life. Thanks again, Michelle, for thinking of me. Love you tons!

    September 10, 2013
    • I wish I could do more, but my arms aren’t long enough to reach to Texas! Love you back tons and I’m so glad you have your family there with you – loved the picture of Shasta laying behind the couch while you were laying on it. Just know that your cyber family is here for you in spirit! We’re laying behind your computer screen right now, haha.

      September 10, 2013
      • Ha! Love the image of all my cyber friends laying behind their computer screens in solidarity! Thanks for everything you do, dear Michelle!

        September 11, 2013
  5. ‘Cancer annihilation’ has a nice ring to it!

    Angela – the chemo will be tough, but you’ll come out stronger in the end. Here’s to blasting the motherfuckin’ cancer cells outta your body! Wish you all the luck in this world. I may not know you, but it’s cancer, and nothing like a common enemy to unite us, huh? 😉

    September 11, 2013

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