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Which came first: the Book or the Movie?

It can be hard to tell nowadays. There are movies adapted from books and graphic novels, books “of the movie” (which I don’t really get), and whole series of books developed from a movie.  Then there is fan fiction.  Then there is fan fiction that the fans reject and so it turns into its own crazy phenomenon of mainstream soft porn and will probably eventually become a movie.


Clay Morgan posted about a movie supposedly adapted from a really great zombie apocalypse novel called World War Z. I say supposedly because judging by the trailers, it looks like the only thing they brought over from the book was the name.  It wouldn’t be the first time that book rights were purchased simply for the strength of its name recognition. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t.

But it got me thinking about movies adapted from books. I started pondering which were my favorites, which were pure disappointments and all the reasons why. I figured that would make a good Query, so I started asking other people: “What’s your favorite movie that was based on a book?”

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  1. There are many, but several really good movies have been made of “Pride and Prejudice.” I also loved “The Hunger Games” movie adaptation.

    December 22, 2012
    • After I did this one, I kept thinking of more and more movies that were based on books. Or really paying attention to that in the credits – so many good movies! I got hooked on the Pride and Prejudice BBC mini-series, so I keep comparing the regular length movies to that – which is completely unfair. You can’t compare a 6 hour adaptation to a 2 hour one.

      January 1, 2013

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