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Giving Gal Stephanie Jones

moving the podcast – interview from January 7, 2015


Episode 35. Stephanie Jones talks about her lifelong passion for giving, shares stories of her giving experiences both great and awkward, and provides tips on how anyone can become a giver.

 “If, throughout your journey of what you’re trying to accomplish, you’re impacting other lives and trying to make other lives better, then you’re gonna be successful.”

0:00 ~ defining what is a gift
7:30 ~ 500 days of giving
12:45 ~ tips to become a giver
17:05 ~ half-eaten pizza (giving takes courage)
22:25 ~ doing something is better than doing nothing
25:00 ~ becoming a life coach & encouraging others to give

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To give or not to give?


.from a journal entry dated 7/19/1993


…Nannie brought up her old neighbors and she told us about how her neighbor Burt used to always borrow onions, tea and potatoes.  She said that he had borrowed so many onions, tea and potatoes that there were no hopes of him ever paying them back.  Not that he intended to.  So one day she resolved that she would put an end to this constant borrowing.  

That night, she was reading in her Bible Study, and the Bible verse said that if anyone borrows from you, give freely. And if he comes the next day and borrows more, give again.  So the next time Burt asked, she again gave.

In later years, when Grandpop was drunk and had fallen down, she would call for Burt.

And he would always come.  

He’d say, “Come on Jim, and lie down.”  Grandpop would say he didn’t want to lie down.  But Burt would pick him up anyway.  “Come on Jim and lie down a while.  It’ll make you feel better.”

Nannie said those times were worth more to her than any amounts of onions, tea and potatoes.


Query This:

Do You Give Freely?