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Movie Quote Monday – Tootsie

It’s hard for me to believe this movie came out in 1982 – it’s 30 years old!  I was only twelve when Tootsie was released…

Okay, that’s enough talk about how old things are.

But it’s kind of amazing, right?  I mean, it doesn’t feel  old.  And no matter how many Mrs. Doubtfires or Big Mommas come along, they can never take Tootsie’s place.  Which is the place where men make ugly women but you’re still able to suspend your disbelief when she’s on screen and forget that there’s a man under there.  Mostly.  Really though, there is no comparison.  When she slides into that booth and won’t keep her hands off her manager…then orders a drink and tells the waiter his blouse is lovely…  Please… You had me at hello.

I just love Dorothy.  Tootsie is a class act, and every now and then I get a hankering to watch it.  Last time I did, this is the line that stood out:

Les:  Being with someone…sharing…that’s what it’s all about.

You know, I think that’s what he learned in the end.  Loving and being loved, caring for other people, that’s so much more important than being right or getting your way.

Even if tomatoes don’t sit.