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Do You Believe in Destiny: a chat with my Dad

moving the podcast – from July 2, 2013


I do a series on my blog where I ask random questions and post everyone’s answers. It’s been fun, interesting and enlightening. I’ve learned a lot about how we all see the world from our own perspectives, and yet our opinions and beliefs are often surprisingly similar to one another.

I’ve really enjoyed some of the discussions the Queries have brought on, talks that started with a single question and somehow branched out in multiple directions. This is a snippet of one of those conversations I had with my dad when I asked him, “Do you believe in destiny?”

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Connect with Tom
he’s written a few guest pieces on steadily skipping stones:

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Do you believe in Destiny?

I Am Your Density.

Whenever I think of destiny, I always hear that line in my head from Back To The Future. And really, mulling over the ideas of destiny and fate and free will can  make me feel a little heavy-headed and dense.

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