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Friendship Expert Cherie Burbach

moving the podcast – interview from February 4, 2014


Episode 24. Cherie talks about how modern technology effects friendship, the questions she’s asked most often, and why it is sometimes hard to open up and be vulnerable within our friendships. We also discuss why communication is so very important to all of our relationships.

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“You can have a lot of different friends that are on a surface level, but if you don’t have somebody in your life who understands you for who you really are, that’s when those sad lonely feelings start creeping in.”

3:25 ~ Has technology changed friendship?
8:30 ~ common questions Cherie is asked
12:00 ~ honesty and vulnerability
16:45~ the stigma of “lonely”
22:35 ~ ways we harm our friendships
28:50 ~ how to strengthen our friendships

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the Infinite Monkey speaks: on advice

Random brilliance from across the blogosphere…


See, I think my own advice is brilliant, it’s everyone else’s that sucks. Though I do acknowledge, this can appear slightly crazed.

 –  Cakes and Shakes

Little miss know-it-all

on the other hand…

Baby Blues by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott


Sometimes people need our help
but they don’t know it.

on the other hand…

Sometimes people need no help
but we don’t know it.