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Perfect Autumn Evenings

These last few evenings have been so delightful, just what autumn is all about for me.  It’s been cool, but not cold, breezy but not blustery, the perfect weather for taking a walk.  The leaves seem to be in their last throes of passion, full bloom in various stages of color: brown polka-dotted yellow, scarlet and orange and burnt umber.  

And brown, brown, brown; all the fallen brothers and sisters layer the earth, crinkly and crunchy and light. They blow and swirl across the ground in games all their own; they call to me, “Run, run, come and play!”  I know why kids need to jump right into a pile of leaves, and I want to do that too.

Here are some of the pictures I’ve taken on my recent walks with Louis.  Fair warning: I love pictures, and I’ve decided to put whatever and however many pictures I want into this post.  Feel free (read: do it!) to check out my photo blog; it’s got autumn pictures there all this week.  And no duplicates :). I wanna see them pictures…

Apple Trees and Waterfalls – Part One

I had a wonderful day last Saturday!  I spent it with my good friend, Vicki, her sister and their two nieces in the Shenandoah Valley, picking apples and climbing waterfalls.  Well, climbing a trail. But there were waterfalls!

One of the great things about where I live is the proximity to so many other wonderful places.  We’re an hour away from our nation’s capital, an hour away from the state capital, an hour and a half from the mountains and two hours from the beach.  If your notion of fun runs to roller coasters and water parks, King’s Dominion is a forty-minute drive, and Busch Gardens is two hours or so. I’d say that Fredericksburg is a day trip away from just about anything you’d want to do.

First stop – the apple orchard. I was too short to reach these, so my friend helped me out. The bottoms of the trees were well picked over, but there were some big beauties still hanging up top.

I have long wanted to experience the fun of picking my own apples.  That sounds silly now that I’ve written it out, but it’s true.  Another friend of mine used to go every fall with her family and she loved it.  It always sounded like so much fun, and a little exotic, in a country kind of way.  I imagined what you see on the television or in movies: tall trees with apple-laden branches stretching out across a bright blue sky, wooden ladders propped up against sturdy trunks, and apple baskets (you know the kind, with bright red handles) filled to the brim with delicious redness. continue reading…

My new photo blog

I just started a photo blog – could you tell by the title?  I love taking pictures and I’ve been wanting to do more with my photos, so there you go.  

Click here if you’d like to take a peek.  

Go ahead.  Click it please.

Bonus: If you know what movie this is, you get a mediocre prize.

Animal Kingdom

Disney Part 2 🙂  My favorite park was Animal Kingdom.  It was lovely and lush…and full of animals.  I particularly enjoyed the safari ride and a couple of trails you can walk through.

The picture to the left is the Tree of Life.  Or I should say, one little part of it.  How many animals can you pick out?

Okay, I’m not going to go into all the boring talk today, but mostly just share some photos.  With boring captions. continue reading…