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Movie Quote Tuesday – Mixed Nuts

Am I the only one who loves this movie?  I mean, where else can you see Steve Martin dancing with the (almost) lovely-in-drag Liev Schreiber?  And quite well, I might add.

Why do I love it?  Besides the dance scene with a very Steve Martiny Steve Martin and Liev Schreiber in his big screen (and terrific) début?  Let’s start with the late, great (magnificent, missed) Madeline Kahn, the ever-sweet Rita Wilson (Mrs. Tom Hanks, to you), and a silly, singing Adam Sandler before he was Billy Madison, et al.  Then we’ll throw in a dose of Anthony LaPaglia, Robert Klein and Garry Shandling.  And a dash of Rob Reiner for taste.

Anyway, this is another one of those cute movies that I watch any old time of the year, whenever the mood strikes me.  It’s funny and comical and full of Christmas tragedy.

Okay, maybe not tragedy.  But mayhem.  Well, things go wrong.

But as Philip says, even though Christmas is the time of year when wrong things just seem wronger, you can’t give in to stinkin’ thinkin’.  Because the holidays aren’t over yet, and something wonderful could still happen!  Only he says it better than that.

Philip:  There’s magic at Christmas.

I look forward each year to the wonderful and magical things that seem to happen during “The Holidays”, especially when there are not so great things happening in my daily life.  Truth be told, wonderful things happen all year long, only I seem to be looking harder for them at Christmas.  Still watching for Santa and listening for those sleigh bells on the roof, I guess.  Even after all these years.

Here’s a bonus listen, just because I love Madeline Kahn (this one is PG)

So good, indeed.


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  1. Stumbled across this blog while perusing movie blogs and you are definitely not alone. I love Liev’s scenes in this one and have loved him as an actor ever since. How can you not love a first film that includes dialogue like,

    “He wasn’t dancing.”

    “I want to talk to a woman! Can I please wish a woman Merry Christmas?”
    “You ARE talking to a woman.”

    December 20, 2011
    • I know! He really was fabulous in this movie. The entire scene between him and Steve Martin was brilliant, including the music. When he lifted up his legs and said he had two left feet, when he’s dancing by himself as Steve’s watering plants, just funny stuff. I also love when he’s walking away down the street and he stumbles, and when he tries to walk after he gets “shot” in the foot – he stiffens up and falls flat on his face. I’m a sucker for physical comedy, anyway.

      Basically, I love his entire part in this movie.

      “Someone left *his* cape.”

      December 20, 2011
  2. I have not seen this but now I need too. 🙂

    December 20, 2011
    • The critics hated it, but I just love it. It’s kind of a screwball comedy, I guess. If you see it, I hope you’re not disappointed!

      December 21, 2011
  3. Listen. I found this post because I was once again searching for Mixed Nuts movie quotes. That is, the few I don’t happen to recall and spout out on any given day. You are sooo not alone! I’ve loved this movie since I first saw it on VHS <—- just wow! My husband had a video store that ultimately closed in '98. I had the opportunity to take any movies I wanted. Classics. Anything. I took Mixed Nuts. I cherish that VHS. My two oldest daughters have their own DVD copy and bought me one as well. We recite the lines. All. The. Time. Watch every single year at Christmas while putting out decorations. Watch it on and off all year, really. I've found that like most slapstick, viewers will either hate it or love it. While we have to pause/fast forward etc certain parts for my youngest to watch, we are just beyond hooked and I even suggested TONIGHT that we watch it. My poor husband. 😀

    Have you seen a woman in a bad mood?

    August 30, 2014
    • I miss video stores!

      And I definitely watch Mixed Nuts a few times a year. It’s pretty awesome, just so clever and cute. And I’m a sucker for physical comedy.

      September 3, 2014
  4. I haven’t seen this one, Michelle, but you’ve made me want to. I wonder if I can get it on Netflix…

    January 4, 2015
    • Probably! It’s real cute. I hope you like it.

      January 4, 2015

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