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Year of Quotes No. 38

Movie Quote Monday – The Wizard of Oz

When I was a kid, The Wizard of Oz was shown on regular television once a year.  Of course, back then there was only  regular television.  There were three channels and they went completely off the air at midnight.  Way back then, you couldn’t run down to the Walmart and buy a movie.  There were no such things as DVD players or even VHS players then, no movie rental stores, and certainly no such thing as streaming video or video on demand.  In fact, I remember when HBO was new and what a big deal my parent’s first VHS player was.  It wasn’t even a VCR, and new VHS tapes cost about $90 each.  But I digress.

What I meant to tell you is that I was always excited, and a little scared, when it was time again for The Wizard of Oz.  It was such a treat to see the movie, but I just had to get past the one part that scared me to pieces, when the witch threw the ball of fire at them.  Ooohh, that sent shivers down my spine when she appeared on that roof in a puff of acrid green smoke.  She was terrible!  I had to cover my eyes leading up to that scene and when she was gone I was free to look again.  But sometimes it would sneak up on me.  *Shudder.*

But, today’s quote happens long before that mean old witch throws fire at our heroes:

Scarecrow:  Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking.

Do you thing writing falls under the same category?  If so, I’m in more trouble than I thought.