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In the Shadows

I am this night’s shadows
rustling beneath the eaves,
stillness and silence, a sentinel,
I watch for you, for what I need.

Desire burns through these thin veins,
liquid memories of what I anticipate,
taste and touch cry out to me,
and aching with patience, I wait.

Then you come soft and languid,
living fleshed and curved and perfect.

My body ignites at the scent of you,
though no flush passes over pale skin,
ears pricked by your each falling footstep,
muscles tensed for the end to begin.

A deeper dark you ease your way into,
unthinking brush a tress back from your eyes,
and with no hesitation passing through,
blindly set your path, accept my lies.

Swiftly I descend into your capture,
hold you close with all my strength’s affect;
at last these verging senses reach their rapture,
and thrust their passion deep into your neck.

And now your thoughts, like skin, are tearing fast,
your terror beats, for me, a lovely tune;
I savor every note, for it won’t last,
the slowing rhythm of a life consumed.

Engorged, I slack and soften my embrace,
and gently pull my head back as I’m filled;
if I had love, I’d thank you for your gift,
though it’s hardly a flicker against this eternal chill.