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the Infinite Monkey speaks: on mistakes

Random brilliance from across the blogosphere…


We should be thankful for our mistakes and learn from them. Our mistakes do not define us, they help to shape the person we become as we learn from them.

-  londonsvoice

on failure (comment)
londonsvoice blogs here

Random Thoughts – my social fear

My big social fear is ridicule.

As much as I delight in sharing my opinion, I am pretty well ruled by that fear.

Looking foolish, stupid, incorrect.

It keeps me in check a lot of the time.

To reveal the workings of my mind and heart is to make myself vulnerable to ridicule.

Better to keep silent than to expose my tender shoots to the harsh elements of public scrutiny.

Blogging has made me face this fear in a big and very public way.

I still fear being called out, laughed at, or trampled on in some way.

I still super fear scorn, the poison on the tip of ridicule’s blade.

I still don’t let some of the me’s in me come out too much.

Or ever.

But I’m working on that.


Do you have a social fear?


the Infinite Monkey speaks: on intentional decisions

Random brilliance from across the blogosphere…


And you know, I don’t think busy is necessarily bad. BUT thinking about this made me realize how my own busyness could lessen if I’d just be a little more aware of the things I’m packing in. A little more intentional in my decisions.

-  Melissa Tagg

That time I fainted in a Subway*
*I mean Subway the restaurant, not a train.

his humblest hour

Barrie Quote

Random Thoughts – on the worst thing ever

Paper cuts are the worst!

Am I right or what?


Skewed Perceptions of Self and Accomplishment

I looked at the clock and thought, “11:17!! Already? I haven’t gotten anything  done today!”

But when I tried to pick out just what it was I thought I should have done already, my mind was a blank. The idea of what I hadn’t accomplished was just a kind of hazy cloud, an overcast. Ill defined and vaporous, yet substantial enough to cast a shadow across my mind. 

All this as I dried my hands from washing dishes. Hmm.

So I asked myself, “what have  I done today?” I clicked them off in my head:
washed a load of clothes
cooked  2 pounds of bacon
made 2 pitchers of tea
emptied the dishwasher
took a conference call for work
texted back and forth with my boss
read my emails
cleaned the kitchen
made breakfast
hand washed a bunch of dishes
cleaned the kitty litter…

I guess I did do some things. And yet I had stood there, downcast and self-condemning, in the shadow of a cloud of my own making.

Why do we do that to ourselves? I know it’s not just me.

Why are we so hard on ourselves?